Thursday, October 6, 2011

College Girl Fashion

College Girl Fashion
just before coming to college, which will all be older teens and want to be like them, so great and all that.

Then, loose clothing. I loose shirts and loose baggy pants loose, they are crazy. Of course, the school can not be fashionable as half a day in which they found in her school uniform and the rest of the time spent studying.

But when a child spends away from school, and one of the first things on his agenda was to get a new wardrobe, something that would sell a lot of attention, especially the opposite sex.

College Girl FashionWhat is cool

I remember all the oldest in my school wear those jeans that you bought from Cartier ~ ", a shopping center. They used this particular shade of blue, which was not too dark, and very ~ little neo-ish. " Brand has always been something called Dacron.

It was a craze for Nike and Reebok. If you were all very, very right. Oh, yes! I remember passing by the city to find a place where these shoes can be cheap, as my allowance was not too high. Not be able to find anywhere, I had to borrow money from my sister and I bought a pair of Nike shoes is very simple.

College Girl FashionGirl Fashion at the University of California

These gangs have to be girls and boys in a school for his clothes will try to see how many pop stars and film of that era. Little Laura Branigan daughter of a Madonna and child to try to see how Paul Young or Tom Cruise.

College Girl FashionImported brands

There was a time when many foreign clothes and accessories on the way to India, whether legal or illegal. It was Pepe Jeans and Levi, who were very popular. Then it will Lacoste shirts and accessories.

Another thing that is attached to the moccasins, with the exception of shoes. It was not an Indian brand called North Star.
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