Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hipster Fashion Girls

Hipster Fashion Girls
If you think you have found a beatnik, think again, buddy! There are many different types of beatnik, I lose. However, all you need to know to focus on the Williamsburg Bridge or anywhere else for that matter, right here. Because you know, the hipsters spread very quickly. Although there is free WiFi. As someone said, "Hop is as American as apple pie We all want a taste .."

Determine the types of hipsters, but rather an overarching assessment of American culture. An athlete may be hipster, hipster nerd, hipster hipster Muslim or a Baptist, sometimes all at once (I hope not ...). The fact is: There are almost as many types of shorts, as there are types of people assume that styles differ. Thus, no more to enter the parade of hip styles

Hipster Fashion GirlsIronically independent

These hipsters are media savvy and sensational to read and write, with a penchant for entertaining guilty pleasure. Her interests include low-quality television with a sense of irony and self-planning parties around the movie marathons with cheese or live TV. Very popular in large groups, and people in general mood, DA can be irritating to the distance in personal relationships because of its difficulty penetrating sarcasm in serious situations. This is a statement, the most original, ironic and retro best. Accessories such as strong sunglasses and hats as well. Stylish, self-referential stores like Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, Hollister with these great shorts.


Lover face, the surface, however, is a passionate admiration for art. In other words, it's art-Fartsy hipster who really do not know much about art, but he likes the picture. They love the opening, the gallery of the party, and all that "marginal" in the world of cinema, music, theater and so on. They are decent enough, because they are associated with real artists, who tend to have good taste. Sometimes, in general, the art critic and, in general, work and life are completely separate from the art of weekend binge. Cocktail elegant, cigarette pants, shirt and jacket is very popular for boys, shoes, high heels, tight dresses and jewelry bohemian anthopologist for girls. Many natural hair color is your preference as well.

Hipster Fashion GirlsWalker

Tourism and hipsters who can not stay in one place for more than a year. In other words, known as the guy at the international jet set or Backpacker Hostel on the island. These hipsters are often multi-lingual and well versed in international relations. They work hard and spend most of their money on travel, but often combine work and get to work or an internship abroad. Usually come in jeans, hiking boots, warm clothing at all times. LL Bean to preppies in the package. Cheap Thrifty (H & M) for others.

Hipster Fashion GirlsNeo

Unlike the past, was a pillar of gothic lifestyle "alternative", and fear of evaluation by parents and church ladies in recent years. Goths are pretty easy to determine, but have different performance and background. Obviously, the style, lots of black clothes, black fish net black stockings and black hair (probably dyed strips of different types), black nails, black eyeliner, and thus tends to monstrous dungeon / S & M play here and there. Suits and dresses are welcome but must be smooth, dark and mysterious. Appropriate hairstyles include "covers the eye" view, saying that "the world is too dark and painful to look with both eyes."


Today, hipster activity, as a rule, anti-war and anti-globalization activist Hipsters economic and other voices are heard in many other social causes, and (fair trade, third world debt, and so on.) City poverty, education, civil rights, etc. They are proud of the fact that "in solidarity" with the oppressed, destitute and in life, and often live in their communities. Mode: The Modern Che Guevara (formerly rolled and elegant-mode). Sometimes the military, many military surplus, shirts with handwritten messages or pictures, etc. .. Varies considerably, even as activists hipsters a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds.

Hipster Fashion GirlsHealth Nut

Such a hipster can trace its origins hippie communes that dot the landscape during the rebellion against consumerism McDonalds 60. Organic, "live off the land," "I hate condoms" attitude of the hippies are alive and well in the current range of "strong and press Power Bar" addicted to health. These hipsters who are fast, frequent stores CNG as wild oats, and duty to participate in the mode of aerobic fitness. They love the outdoors and avoid most of the TV or the "couch potato" behavior. They always come with the latest clothing Sports comfortable working / cross-training shoes. Eddie Bauer, The North Face, Nike, etc. Many of wool and active leisure. Sunglasses, in general, the skin style of skiing. Hats and caps visor choices .
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