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Gossip Girl Fashion

Gossip Girl Fashion
There is a girl show Gossip, super rich kids, couple switching and all that teenage drama. Along with its sleek and bold vision of what American teenagers do behind closed doors, the show also has its own site and massive Gossip Girl fan huge fan base around the world. Because of its popularity among its huge market, the fashion mogul even dipped a toe in the creation of this performance-oriented adolescents to break new grounds. Now, Gossip Girl is not only references to pop culture. It also predicts a hot fashion through Gossip Girl pictures and images that we see on the show and portals online.

If you're really a fan of the series, you have to be taken note of how your girlfriend put her fashion gossip. To help you get that glow Gossip Girl, here are some tips you can look into the Rock and Serena, Blair and Jenny's fashion vibe.

Gossip Girl Fashion
Serena van der Woodsen: It's all about hair.
As the daughter of IT in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the regime clearly Regal Serena and casual at the same time. Boho-chic of its kind combines the old and the rock-star feel making it a dream girl every guy.

To view Serena, you pile on the well-made jackets, tight jeans and accessories. In the show, Serena can not be caught dead without a nice piece of accessory thrown together with a cute top, tight jeans and boots. Its eclectic mix of women's fashion was relaxed and sexy male charm of his boots.

When we talk about how Serena can not look at her beautiful blond hair. Wavy hair wild and a sense that gives new meaning to "cap" the verdict. Her porcelain skin does not need to apply for a lot of makeup. Instead, set a neutral tone to the lips and the load on colorless lip gloss shine to Serena.

Gossip Girl Fashion
Blair Waldorf: It's all about the bands and ribbons.
Call Blair Waldorf doll is not in doubt. As the daughter of the designer himself, it is not surprising to be so fashion forward and bright dresses. Dressed in a cute and flowy dresses with delicate fabrics, Blair gives off a strong female charm. We usually see Blair in short dresses with powerful prints that cover her body Petite. She kept accessories to a minimum with a headband, is central. His bands have big ribbons that frame the face doll perfect. If you're a true blue fan of his, you will notice that her hair matches her heels and pumps, as well. Be brave to put her mind and go, as doubts queen bee in your group.

When it comes to makeup, Blair channels all of our attention to the lips by applying plum or red lipstick, with a lot of lip gloss. She puts on eye makeup light, but use a lot of mascara and traces his eyelids with black eyeliner, to enhance the appearance.

Gossip Girl Fashion
Jenny Humphrey: It's all about the eye makeup.

We have seen Jenny blossom girl awkwardly young ladies a moment she tried to steal the place Queen Bee Blair Waldorf. Although there have been several unsuccessful in dethroning Brunet, Jenny continues to support the bill because of the many fashion sense, experimental and original, he had developed.

Seeking a career in the fashion industry at a young age, little Jenny is not new when it comes to the attention of accumulation because of what she wears. She layers a simple t-shirt with a jacket nicely cut, coat with beautiful clothes and accessories with catchy songs such as necklaces and necklaces. Of course, surprises everyone with Jenny black eyeliner, full bangs and red lips that really reveal the contours of her face beautiful.

Gossip Girl Fashion The final piece of advice: Stock up on trust.

Rocking the look you see in the pictures of girls, Gossip, and images will only be clear when you trust the things outside the CAP. Like Serena, Blair and Jenny, your beauty is only through when you become true to yourself. Fashion is more fun when you get to express who you really are through the clothes you wear. In the end, find your true self is the real girl Gossip is all about.

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