Friday, August 12, 2011

Celebrity Casual Fashion

Celebrity Casual Fashion As a woman, it is much easier to dress in trendy fashion. Stores all the pieces are dedicated to low cost but fashionable women crave. We can buy nice clothes, inexpensive bulk, using these pieces off a dozen times and then remove them once the hems start fraying, tissue begins to break and the buds begin to jump out. The women's fashion magazines showing pictures of beautiful models on the catwalk wearing the next big thing next to an article which shows step by step how to create the look of the track less than fifty dollars. Women's fashion trends come and go in a blink of an eye, but with celebrity gossip rags, lots of fashion magazines and department stores sold these looks at a reasonable price, it is easy for most women to keep the rhythm. Now, men's fashion ... well, that's a completely different beast!

Consider this in your next visit department stores, while the women's department can take up to a total of two plants in the department of men is often hidden in the back corner of one of the floors, occupying minimal space. I remember several times going shopping with my metro sexual husband and wondering why it takes so long to find a computer at the same time I could find no fewer than a dozen in less than thirty minutes. After all, the men's department was minuscule compared with the multitude of racks in the women's department had to go through. Yet it is precisely why it is so difficult for men to find that perfect outfit for a particular occasion. The menswear is much more stable than the ever-changing fashion of women, which does not mean that a flock of seagulls haircut and would today as it did in the 80's, but you get the point. Menswear includes several classic pieces that can withstand the test of time, like the Oxford white shirt, white shirt and a pair of classic jeans.

Celebrity Casual Fashion
If you are one of those men who prefer to avoid social settings together to go buy a suit for the occasion, read on for some tips on parts that should have in your closet for casual wear. For most men, casual clothing is made from an old shirt, shorts and flip flops. Of course, this is a very good team to use when mowing the lawn or staying home to get drunk and play Guitar Hero all night with a group of guy friends, but we're talking about kicking the rules .. . up. For example, what would you say is a very good team to use for a first date or in the office on a casual day? You get an F if they mentioned their jeans Converse or ultra thin. You get an A, however, if you think at least three of the following casual pieces.

Celebrity Casual Fashion
Slim-fit and / or straight leg jeans - Oh, what used to be all about boot leg jean back in the glory of our college years! We cut and Fray the bottom of our jeans with the occasional rebel throwing caution to the wind and going full bell. These days, however, is Slim in Slim-fit, straight leg jeans casual enough to wear when going out for drinks with friends, but they can easily be paired with a large button-down shirt and a jacket for obtained through the nerve-wracking first date. Darker rinses are an easy bet, avoid acid-washed jeans unless you have a time machine set for 1980 ... or if no date is to remain for the rest of eternity.

Celebrity Casual FashionWhite button-down Oxford shirt - Talk about a classic that never gets old. Oxford white shirt is comparable to that of a woman "black dress". All men need to have at least one of these in your wardrobe for formal and casual clothing. Make sure this shirt is tailored to your body. One of the worst mistakes men's fashion is to use a button-down shirt that is very large (large button-down shirts make a man seem dated and coarse) or one that is too tight (if can not close the collar button, which is the first track to go up a size ... and, no, can not hide it with a tie). The white oxford can take you through all seasons and can be worn under a sweater, jacket or pants alone or combined with jeans. For a great casual office look, pair white oxford, with some dark rinse straight leg jeans, tie and cufflinks thin conversation.

Celebrity Casual FashionBlazer - The jacket is a good example, but still very elegant. Men would do well to keep a jacket or two in your closet for casual occasions that require a little more processing. Your best bet would be to choose a solid color jacket that will stand the test of time. No, it is necessary to use a blazer with slacks. In fact, blazers go well with jeans and dress shoes. Opt for a black blazer first. This almost guarantees that you will get more use of it in time.

Black / brown shoes - Naturally, you want to have shoes to wear with your jacket and Oxford, right? Splurge a little on this issue and go for well-made Italian shoes to be more durable and more classic than other styles. The Italians know shoes almost as well as they know pasta ... trust me on this matter. These shoes will go well for both informal and formal social calls.

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