Sunday, October 16, 2011

Womens Fashion

Womens FashionLarge-scale industries changed the social fabric of society at the turn of the nineteenth century, but the emancipated woman, led to the growth of the new middle class in society and created new social ways of expressions.

Womens FashionWomen do not take the consumer, but a source of bread for the family. More and more women start earning as well as factories began to hire workers because they were more disciplined than men.
With this increasing independence, women began to express themselves in society, and fashion was no different.

Womens FashionThe fashion was influenced by two critical factors

Need for garments that allow free movement so that women can easily work in factories. The invention of the sewing machine and a great demand for clothes with lifestyle change, create new ways to make the clothing lighter and faster. This trend of bling to the functionality even influenced some of the leading couture designers of the era and the advent of prĂȘt category (RTW) in fashion.

Womens Fashion

In second place in the fashion of the time that represents the growing influence of women in society and its changing role. Dressing up was not to attract men, but also a means for social welfare statement.

Two achieve these two objectives of the fashion of women's movements toward greater male wardrobe was later popularized by Katherine Hepburn in Hollywood as brash and confident woman.
This fashion was not only the beginning of the liberalization of women in the Western world, but also a sign of pragmatic dress the coming years.

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