Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fashion 2011 Trends

Fashion 2011 TrendsWow, it's 2011! Another year and the season of fashion! And I bet your dying to know what's going to be the most popular articles of 2011? Here are some ideas on what the trends may be the latest trends to come in 2011 ...

Fashion 2011 TrendsHot Trend 1: The Funky 70's

Elements of the fashion scene of the 70 will make its comeback in 2011, including 70 Bohemian and glam. The glamor of the 70 is set to influence the designers because reinvent bellbottoms, flares, glam diaphanous dresses (dress maxi single), women's silk blouses and sweaters around the neck to create the 70 to do with a rotation of 2011.

On behalf of the 70's revival, we will see in the main street of crochet and macramé items, which reinvent the 70's boho fashion with a modern twist. In 2011, you will be able to find dresses crocheted garment to go over swimsuits, shoes, bags and fabrics (similar to the Roman fashion footwear), which appear to be a favorite. So if your bohemian charm, or want, the seventies is an ideal to ten years to look for fashion inspiration.

Fashion 2011 TrendsHot Trend 2: Biker Chic

This year we will say a tearful goodbye to the military look, as it will be replaced with the biker look. This look is sleek, sexy and captivating as it is all tight fitting leather, not just black either! This aspect obviously requires a biker jacket, which is the centerpiece of the gaze. Fashion in 2011, the biker jacket is reinvented in various styles and colors, and even appeared on the runway with a touch of military style influence.

Biker For pants, the detail is key, with the most important fashion zipper and pockets too obvious, giving the rider find its aesthetic daring. Expect not only to see the pants, but skirts biker influence this year.

Fashion 2011 TrendsHot Trend 3: The Lady Elegant early 60

For those who like a more feminine look, will be grateful to hear the sleek look of the 1960s is back, with long flowing dresses set to rule the fashion world this year. Look in the early 60's, being strongly influenced by the previous decade, with their party dresses, skirts, circle and took in the waist. All of which emanated from the sleek aesthetic and orderly at the time. Put in the context of 2011, and these styles will be paraded on the catwalk of heavier materials, floral patterns, lace, crochet and bright colors and pastels. The main trick of this style is secured at the waist, either straight down a dress / skirt or full circular flowing dress / skirt.

Medium can be complemented with accessories fashion trend and style of that decade. The funky 70's style bodes well with animal prints, while for a bold look brilliant rider go halves color block and stick to the traditional means of color (pink light, purple skin and black) for a ladylike look of the 60.

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