Monday, September 19, 2011

Girls Fashion Clothes

GGirls Fashion Clothes The best friend a little girl is your American Girl doll (18 inches), and that are fun, beautiful, have an interesting life story, and have beautiful hair for your child to set and groom. All types of clothing, DVDs, books, beds, and are available through accecssories If you have all the world's money to spend on your child and her doll, then you will find your site in a single window for the happiness of her little girl providing hours of fun simulation games.

Girls Fashion ClothesIf you are on a budget, Target's website sells our generation dolls, which are also 18 "tall. They can fit in the same things that American girls can fit in and are a good alternative if your child only has to have a doll that can fix your hair, but with much lower prices. These dolls usually cost less than $ 30. You can find clothing and accessories for them.

If your child only has to have the real thing, then your enjoyment, but to save the clothes and accessories. She need not have girl clothes only U.S. brand to your wrist. There are many places that sell alternatives to these expensive clothes for a fraction of cost. You can find doll clothes for $ 2 - $ 25, which are as beautiful as those in the AG store.

For example, small adventures sells a line of princess costumes for girls with dolls dressed in exact match. Dresses Cinderella doll and Sleeping Beauty doll clothes are the most popular. However, many of the dresses of the dolls come with accessories other fun and interesting. Princess Snow White doll dress comes with a matching sequined coat and tie is red hair and medieval princess dress doll with dark purple cone hat game that is very cute! Her dresses are only $ 16 and often go on sale during the holidays or in low season. If price is not enough, these 18 inch doll clothes are machine washable, so if your child has a birthday party or your wrist and put the tea, punch, or birthday cake on her dress the doll , mom can throw in the wash and be as good as new! The Princess doll clothes for little adventures are also designed to fit stuffed animals like Build a Bear.

Hanging doll clothes hangers can be found on eBay for about 50 cents. You can find doll clothes closets for storing clothes.

After she is dressed, your child will want to fix the hair of his wrist. You will find that the brushes from American Girl are the best to use to protect their hair. Did you know that if your doll's hair is cut or ruined, you can send AG's head and replaced by a new one! They have customer service and incredible girls can use their own hair accessories for her doll's hair or buy new ones in the shop for them to wear in her hair.

Fashion is important for girls and she goes to every effort to dress your own doll how you would like to see, so to spend on the wrist and the conservation of clothes and is happy agreement between mother and daughter and you will find she pretends for hours with their fun new doll!
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