Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lifestyle Ladies

Lifestyle LadiesSydney Style, is being driven by the designers of the Sydney Fashion Week through its endless creative designs and tips fashion notable that almost all Australians love to idolize. Little black dresses have become one of the designs of their function. These designs are a thing, perhaps because it looks elegant and classiness that people still live in it. The old style and creations of age can not also be considered. The old styles have become the inspiration for fashion trends these days.

Fashion Week in Sydney seems to focus on the architecture and geometric designs contours. Clothing, clothing and other fashion accessories such as stiletto heels, was so spectacular and elegant way than any other Fashion Week. Sydney Fashion Week has also drawn attention because they have milk in the styles of the way around the world. In addition, hairstyles that have used their own way were inspired by punk rock and roll hair height and the 80.

Lifestyle LadiesNow, with all the glamor and style, the big question is interesting: creativity and originality of fashion moving forward or backward? I think a fashion week should be a time to celebrate a brand new creation and display bright new ideas that can be used as one of the fashion tips in the coming years. However, as I have observed, what happens is that they are claiming something that is already there. With the world getting their eyes on Lady Gaga and her wardrobe experimental metal, fashion designers began to make clothes and accessories that accentuate the design of such and presented as one of the latest trends of the year. If this event continues to occur, there is a greater likelihood that fashion begins to find his integrity left behind. I say keep the original fashion creations and creative!

Lifestyle Ladies
The reinvention of the classic black dresses is fantastic. Classic designs have been established, but this type of situation only means that the creativity of designers is losing his touch and is a bit sad that even though we have to thank fashion designs the past for modern clothes days, designers must still explore new creations and lifestyle fashion should try our best to make everyone see that they have the power to change this cycle happen.
Lifestyle LadiesI'm pretty sure everyone is looking and waiting for someone who would design something special and do not conform to traditional designs and become a front - line in the establishment of a new trend in fashion. Do not get me wrong - I love fashion. But I think fashion today lack any kind of emotion with their designs.

Lifestyle LadiesSo what I'm looking forward to Fashion Week in Sydney next is that the designers actually do something that not only make a statement in the fashion industry, but also something that will set a new fashion lifestyle for everyone. It should be something that could make people express themselves, because the clothes they wear defines who we are.
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